Life Science Bodies Band Together to Reach Net Zero Targets


A two-year effort to create a novel valuable product journey by transforming industrial waste fumes into sustainable resources for consumer goods has been financed by SCI (Society of Chemical Industry), Unilever, and 13 additional bodies.

Innovate UK has awarded the scheme almost £2.7 million to assist the UK in reducing its annual carbon dioxide emissions by 15 to 20 million tonnes and attain its net zero goal.

“Innovate UK has awarded almost £2.7 million to assist the UK in reducing its annual carbon dioxide emissions“

The project will need to include economic benefits to entice direct involvement with business model formation. To do this, the initiative will assemble allies from every link in the supply chain.

The main way to achieve net zero goals is for a local carbon supply to be established for the production and manufacture of consumer goods. As well as creating a new journey for product delivery.

SCI’s Head of Innovation, David Bott, described the business model as a means to “reduce the need for imported fossil fuel material.” He explained that “the consortium will build a more sustainable supply chain whilst mitigating waste emissions. The group will [use] carbon captured from waste and transform them into affordable raw materials for consumer products.”

Director of the Transforming Foundation Industries Challenge at Innovate UK, Bruce Adderley, said that they “are delighted to be able to support projects like Flue2Chem which have huge potential to address decarbonisation through multi-industry collaboration focused on resource and energy efficiency.”

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