Dentistry Show Held in Cologne for First Time Since Pandemic


The first International Dentistry Show (IDS) since the Covid 19 period will be held in Cologne, Germany, hosting more than 50,000 dental professionals and over 2,000 global businesses. This year will also mark the events’ 100th anniversary.

Key industry performers from across the globe will be there, so it pushes knowledge and capabilities beyond local markets.

“This year will also mark the events’ 100th anniversary“

The newest developments in dental operative units and procedure treatments will be displayed, as well as what is being supplied to lab-based personnel, hence informing dentists about what to anticipate from that end.

It will highlight the most recent industry trends with manufacturers using the show to boast their most cutting-edge and technically progressive offerings, and also their most globally popular current products.

The finance scarcity in NHS dentistry and the market shift to increased private practise have left the industry unstable. However, these factors have been a concern for a long time in other areas, such as Germany and the Asia-Pacific region, and therefore learnings can be taken from how these regions mitigate the knock-on effects.

Products will be explained by the manufacturer in a custom environment, enabling a deeper understanding of what it is they are selling and why it's crucial to have.

Therefore, professionals can create a strategy for continued business success by having a better understanding of what is they should invest in short, medium, and long term.

Kavo will be at the event, and their Global Director Susanne Vieweger has commented that “at Kavo, we consider the IDS to be the preeminent showcase for global dentistry and we are delighted to be able to support it accordingly.”

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