Interpretation App Integrated into Christie NHS Trust Sites

Healthcare Communications

Christie NHS Trust has implemented use of a translation app across all four of their sites covering Oldham, Withington, Macclesfield, and Salford. Since the rollout took place in October 2022, 100 nurses, physicians, and pharmacists are making use of the platform.

Translators or multilingual workers cannot be accessible 100% of the time, making communication between patients and professionals difficult sometimes. The interpretation device is being used to cater for this need during ward rounds and clinical duty periods.

“the trust has placed advocates of the technology throughout nursing teams“

The mobile app has a growing A-Z library of almost 800 pre-written scripts, it provides real-time translation in both patient discussions and during care.

A digital nurse implementer at Christie said that “having this tool means we can safely and effectively talk with patients with additional communication needs when an interpreter isn’t available. It means that we can deliver the same standard of care that we do to our English-speaking patients, or those that don’t have additional communications needs.”

To encourage adoption, the trust has placed advocates of the technology throughout nursing teams.

Additionally, Christie has been collaborating with CardMedic to build material for its flashcard library to enable communicationally disadvantaged patients to learn about their care.

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