Fobi AI's Self Care Platform Set to Revolutionize Investor Relations

Healthcare Communications

Following the establishment of the company’s official client base via PanGenomic Health, Fobi AI has publicised the opening of its subsidiary, PulseIR.

The online PanGenomic platform provides users with individualised, fact-based data regarding herbal and plant-based health therapies for the purposes of self-care. For now, incoming capital will primarily be raised through a yearly licence and an upfront setup charge.

“Fobi AI has publicised the opening of its subsidiary, PulseIR“

Platforms targeted towards investor relations (IR) have previously not accommodated the needs of start-up businesses, which include a high level of complexity and organisation.

Using instantaneous mobile lock screen software, PulseIR offers a completely different engagement experience that is highly individualised.

With a fresh feeling of tenacity that gives shareholders an unswerving grasp on price movement, stock notifications, corporate broadcasts, events etc., this platform presents a data-informed and computer-generated take on IR to investors.

As businesses from all sectors want to integrate and improve their current marketing infrastructure through increased computerisation, PulseIR's market introduction with PanGenomic Health Inc. marks momentous growth potential.

Chief Executive Officer of Fobi, Rob Anson, explained that “with the launch of PulseIR, we’re providing companies like PanGenomic with the automated tools to deliver for investor relations.”

Those working within the business have been given the opportunity to purchase some of Fobi’s stocks, allowing them to acquire up to 3,814,892 common shares at a price of $0.325 each. This supports the business’ plan to motivate and maintain capable staff that will fuel expansion and development.

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