Mr Spencer Articulates Government Guidelines at Dairy-Tech

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Following his move into the position of minister in September, Mr. Spencer will make an appearance at the Dairy-Tech.

Mr Spencer used to be a dairy farmer, hence putting him in the ideal position to emphasise the significance of the industry working toward a more sustainable, robust food system.

“Following his move into the position of minister in September, Mr. Spencer will make an appearance at the Dairy-Tech“

He will deep dive into the UK’s leading Environmental Land Management Schemes (ELMS), covering what it entails for dairy producers, and the scheme submission procedure.

The UK administration has come under fire from the industry for conveying conflicting messages about the ELMS as of recent.

The event organiser, the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF), stated that Mr. Spencer also needed to be aware of the other difficulties the industry was fronting, including candidate scarcities and rising expenses.

At the moment, costs incurred to produce their products are the main worry for dairy producers as the industry experiences its second winter of price increases.

Inflation in agriculture has been on the rise for more than a year as a result of the abrupt increase in energy prices and the enduring crisis in Ukraine.

Matt Knight, MD of the RABDF, pointed out that farmers were becoming more perplexed about guidelines and legislation outlined by the government. In response to this, he asked Mr. Spencer to describe in detail what was taking place.

Farmers will also be able to pose enquiries to Mr Spencer during his State of the Dairying Nation debate at the event.

"Farmers [need to] make an informed choice about support payments and management decisions in the future," Mr Knight said.

"We hope Mr Spencer will get a flavour of our hard-working and vital industry and all it offers. He must understand what’s working and the challenges we are witnessing.”

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