Able Announces New Stainless Steal Sternotomy Sutures

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Valkyrie Looped Sternotomy Sutures created using stainless steel have been released by Michigan based medical device manufacturer, Able Medical Devices.

The new product is used post open-heart operations, where they are used to close the subject’s chest. They enable a significantly more durable sternal closure than typical wire sutures and twice the surface area of single wires.

“Valkyrie Looped Sternotomy Sutures created using stainless steel have been released by Able Medical Devices“

Three distinct needle shapes may be attached to the 14in sutures, which come in 48mm and 55mm diameters.

Able’s MD, Peter Didyk, described how the company is “thrilled to offer another integral part to sternal closure at an affordable price to hospitals. Offering high-quality sutures at low prices is a win for patients and healthcare providers alike.”

The novel Valkyrie Looped Sutures have been defined by Able as a perfect accompaniment to the existing Valkyrie Thoracic Fixation System. The devices work well together and make up their comprehensive closure product range.

The available sutures, which are intended to help steady and repair chest wall fractures, can be used alongside the thoracic fixation system.

Senior Programme Manager at Able Medical, Katie Barron, explained that the company’s recent fixation has been on “getting great products to market in a timely manner.” She also said that “the looped sutures offer surgeons an alternative to traditional wire without changing their traditional closure technique.”

The business has specific focus on creating comprehensive surgical structures and bespoke equipment. It offers the orthopaedic and medical device sectors a range of services and competences.

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