Actimed Receives Investment from Mankind Pharma


Mankind Pharma announced earlier this week that an investment has been made into Actimed Therapeutics, a UK pharmaceutical business focused on the clinical-stage niche.

The company is concentrated on introducing innovation to the way cancer cachexia is currently dealt with in medical environments, which is a current gap in the market, and a proficient medical requirement for individuals suffering with cancer and other illnesses that cause muscle wasting.

“Mankind Pharma announced that investment has been made into Actimed Therapeutics“

Mankind Pharma has not yet revealed the exact quantity of financial investment.

Actimed stated in a declaration that the funding will be used to assist the company's strategic clinical development initiatives. President of Sales & Marketing at Mankind Pharma, Atish Majumdar, has taken up a new position on the board of directors of Actimed Therapeutics as a result of the transaction.

Mr Majumdar expressed that they have been “inspired by Actimed’s novel pipeline and recognise the significant potential of S-pindolol benzoate as a new therapeutic option for cancer cachexia. We look forward to working with the experienced board and leadership team of Actimed to bring innovative new therapies to patients with cachexia.”

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