Animal Health Company Concerned Over NI Protocol Changes

Animal Health

Following on from uncertainties regarding the Northern Ireland protocol, there has been increasing anxiety over whether existing agreements will expire as we enter 2023, meaning that almost 50% of the veterinary medications that are presently accessible in Northern Ireland will cease to be permitted.

Both the UK administration and the European Union have been actively involved in discussions covering this topic recently. However, leaders of the talks have apparently been distributing confusing and convoluted messages regarding their advancements.

“there has been increasing anxiety over whether existing agreements will expire as we enter 2023“

Dawn Howard, CEO of NOAH, stated that many businesses who may be impacted by changes in legalities are “extremely concerned”. They are particularly worried about how the protocol standoff shows no signs of being resolved.

Howard explained that “the full protocol in its current format will lead to NI-specific requirements, from both a supply chain and regulatory perspective, that animal health companies are simply not able to meet.”

“up to half” of products “are at great risk of being discontinued for the NI market. NI vets and farmers will no longer have the tools they need to protect the animals in their care.”

She continued: “we need the UK Government and European Commission to engage in constructive discussions about this matter and develop a long-term solution.”

The UK administration currently intends to overrule the protocol with support from the Animal Health Distributors Association, which claims that doing so will avoid supply disturbances.

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