RHS Reports on the legal framework for Neurotechnology and AI as a Medical Device

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Grant Shapps, the UK’s business secretary, gave the Regulatory Horizons Council’s (RHS) reports a warm reception, writing that he is “committed to growing the UK’s global reputation for regulatory best practice and capitalising our Brexit freedoms. I intend to foster a regulatory approach that will promote innovation, growth and inward investment.”

The word "neurotechnology" refers to a broad variety of instruments that monitor or modify nervous system activity.

“The UK’s business secretary, gave the Regulatory Horizons Council’s (RHS) reports a warm reception“

Emerging technologies outside of the medicine sector have the potential to revolutionise social interaction and take advantage of the brain's capabilities in extraordinary ways.

An additional cutting-edge technology covering a span of medical software’s is artificial intelligence as a medical device (AIaMD).

By automating repetitive actions, the safe application of AI in medical devices could improve NHS workflows and reduce costs. It can also identify early indicators of disease more quickly and precisely than medical experts.

The RHC AIaMD paper describes the difficulties and existing holes in how artificial intelligence is monitored as a medical device and offers suggestions for creating a legal mechanism that strikes a balance between the demands for efficacy, security, and fairness. There will be a stress on the significance of making sure that first-class AIaMD innovations are made available to patients.

As the world is expected to benefit $100bn each year from quantum over the coming decades, a legal landscape that encourages innovation and progress of the UK quantum sector would facilitate regional societal benefits. Furthermore, it would allow the UK to head international discussions on the topic, intensifying our industry advantage.

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