Emerging Technologies Programme Finances Innovative Thinkers of the Future

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The Royal Academy of Engineering has revealed its new Chairs in Emerging Technologies programme, financially supported by the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The programme seeks to find and encourage the support of innovative thinkers in the field of global research.

The Sustainable IntegRated BiOrefining for a Circular BioeCOnomy mission by Professor Hallet will provide innovative technologies to support the development of a more sustainable chemical and materials manufacturing industry and is expected to be awarded £2.5 million.

“The Emerging Technologies programme seeks to find and encourage the support of innovative thinkers in the field of global research“

He will show the value of a circular manufacturing strategy and the merits of renewable feedstocks by creating competitive substitute options.

To develop a technology transfer strategy for academic-to-industrial engagement in the cleantech division, Hallet intends to collaborate with a variety of spin-outs in his network.

Professor Sir Jim McDonald, Head of the Royal Academy of Engineering, commented that he is “truly delighted that we are able to support such outstanding engineers and visionary individuals who will champion these emerging technologies and the significant opportunities they offer to make the world a better place for everyone.”

“The Academy” is “often the key to engineers fulfilling their potential in tackling global challenges”

Professor Jason Hallett explained that they “have been working hard to bring our circular biorefinery research activities into the broader commercial space, developing next-generation chemical technologies based on ionic liquids to aid the transition to a more circular, renewable and sustainable chemical industry.”

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