New Head Office Supports Animalcare’s Post-Covid Working Style

Animal Health

Animalcare has moved to a new Head Office in a newly refurbished office space next to Monk Cross Retail Park, to the

north of York.

“Animalcare is a sustainable and passionate organisation committed to leading in animal health through innovative and trusted products and services to support the veterinary profession“

The new offices have been specifically designed to maximise the hybrid working pattern that the company has

adopted in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. They provide hot-desking for the company’s employees,

together with one-to-one meeting pods for fast and efficient meetings. The move also further reduces Animalcare’s

environmental footprint and supports its commitment to a carbon net zero status.

Commenting, Rachel Smithson, Animalcare General Manager, said, “We are very excited to move into our new offices

and start another chapter in the rich history of Animalcare.

“The new offices will provide us with the tools to be successful in a modern and ever-changing work environment.

Their location, close to the shops and amenities of Monks Cross, will be hugely beneficial to our current and future

employees, while keeping us close to the beautiful city of York.”

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