Cure4Aqua Pushes for Aquatic Animal Health

Animal Health

In order to promote aquatic animal health and wellbeing in the European aquaculture sector and create mitigation plans for illnesses that now afflict the fish farming division, the Cure4Aqua project will collate a scientific research group from 16 different nations.

Additionally, the project aims to assist the production of seafood in a way that is ethical, secure, and avoids environmental harm.

“the Cure4Aqua project will collate a scientific research group from 16 different nations“

Fish farming does not involve releasing a high volume of carbon emissions, which is crucial for creating sustainable food networks; it supplies an important source of protein that contributes to the diet of both humans and animals. But managing pathogens that cause damage to marine life is a significant concern for the industry.

This is especially common in Europe, where there are many different species and production networks, hence preventing the adoption of efficient agricultural techniques created for each individual class of animal.

The EU Horizon Europe initiative has given €4.8m to Cure4Aqua, which will operate for 4 and a half years. It aims to develop cutting-edge prophylactic and early illness detection technologies to fight aquatic fish infections. To supplement the use of medicines in the fight against disease, Cure4Aqua will also promote the creation of substitute therapies.

Cure4Aqua’s logistics organiser, Ivona Mladineo, described how “research must be at the forefront of positive changes that will ensure our food systems are sustainable while caring about high health and welfare standards for fish.”

“There is an urgent need to solve some of the major shortcomings and constraints that the European aquaculture industry is facing. Cure4Aqua will address these issues by building a co-creative approach with other players interested and involved in aquaculture. I am looking forward to leading this vital project.”

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