Infosys and UNLEASH Partner for SDG Solution Programme at Global Innovation Lab 2022


Infosys, a pioneer in forward thinking digital services and consulting, recently revealed a partnership with UNLEASH, a non-financially driven business with the goal of inspiring young people to develop novel, scaleable resolutions to assist in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

From December 3 through December 10th at Infosys' Mysuru Development Centre, interactive training and events focused on human-cantered design intellect will be offered by the Global Innovation Lab 2022. More than 1,000 young people from across the globe aged 18 to 35, will participate in the event to brainstorm and create innovative, long-term solutions.

“Infosys, a pioneer in forward thinking digital services and consulting, recently revealed a partnership with UNLEASH“

Infosys’ chairperson, Nandan Nilekani, said that: "Infosys, since inception, has been steered by its purpose to amplify human potential and create opportunities for people, business, and communities. We are delighted to collaborate with UNLEASH and host the Global Innovation Lab 2022, a platform that mobilizes youth to co-create a sustainable future. Together, Infosys and UNLEASH will facilitate the exploration of digital solutions to address UN's SDGs and create digital solutions to improve education reforms globally."

Professor Flemming Besenbacher, chairperson for UNLEASH, explained that they are "very pleased that Infosys will be hosting the UNLEASH Global Innovation Lab at their unique campus in Mysuru, and I can think of no better place for UNLEASH Talents to co-create solutions to some of our times most daunting, grand challenges. Infosys' innovative and disruptive technologies and their focus on ESG and education is the perfect environment for an Innovation Lab for the UN's 2030 Agenda."

In order to democratise access to a high standard of education and equip the next generation of workers with digital and life skills, Infosys utilises its platform, Infosys Springboard, as part of its ongoing pledge to digitally skill at least 10 million individuals in the next 2 years, and help close the digital divide.

With the success of attaining carbon neutral status 30 years in advance of the Paris Agreement's deadline, Infosys hopes to advance the UN's SDG agenda using UNLEASH India.

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