Government Backed AI for Decarbonisation Programme Launched


A Government backed innovation initiative has been introduced this month aiming to boost the UK’s use of artificial intelligence, and lower carbon emissions released as a result.

The administration’s £1 billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio includes the AI for Decarbonisation Programme, which is supported by £1.5 million of financing. It consists of several channels of funding that will initially be implemented over the course of two phases.

“innovation initiative has been introduced this month aiming to boost the UK’s use of artificial intelligence“

A maximum of £500,000 will be provided as the first channel until March 2025 to ensure the establishment of a virtual centre of excellence for both AI innovation and decarbonization. The second will be a maximum of $1 million towards innovative initiatives that advance the growth of AI technology to promote decarbonisation.

The goal of the initiative is to inspire teamworking in technology, energy, and industrial industries in order to promote progression and hit aspirations for net zero in the UK's AI industry. The initiative expands on previously established concepts from the National AI Strategy, outlining how AI may assist the UK in achieving its decarbonisation objectives.

By increasing energy efficiency and fuel switching, and reducing fossil fuel release in the agriculture division, we could implement more renewable energy alternatives.

The UK market is expected to grow faster under the AI for Decarbonization Programme, which will lower energy costs hence making the UK more competitive.

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