TipOne® Sterile Refill System Selected for Scientists' Choice Awards


The TipOne® Sterile Refill System from Starlab, a lab equipment company based in Milton Keynes, has been selected as a nominee for the annual Scientists' Choice Awards' "Sustainable Laboratory Product of the Year."

TipOne® was created as a low-cost, low-plastic substitute to traditional sterile tips, meeting the necessary requirements of any laboratory.

“The TipOne® Sterile Refill System from Starlab has been selected for the annual Scientists' Choice Awards' "Sustainable Laboratory Product of the Year“

SelectScience, a top independent internet forum for scientific resources, takes control of the logistics for the Scientists' Choice Awards.

Chief Executive, Klaus Ambos, explained that at Starlab International “we focus strongly on sustainability and plan to ramp up our endeavours to ensure that sustainable thought and action becomes the standard.”

“Our TipOne® Sterile Refill System is not only the most cost-effective alternative to sterile tips, it’s also the most environmentally-friendly. Laboratories can considerably reduce their plastic waste and reuse their tip racks again and again in the sure knowledge that the sterility of the tips has not been compromised.”

In addition to launching the sterile tip refill system almost a decade ago, Starlab created the TipOne® pipette tip system back in 1998 as an efficient, sustainable and recyclable system.

TipOne® products are produced in a facility that is entirely powered by renewable wind energy, and the most recent generation of tips consist of 40% less plastic than their predecessor.

Starlab has been recycling the plastics used in production of its goods for more than 2 decades.

The business is also spending money on R&D to help create innovative products that use fewer raw materials, and having this reduction not sacrifice the quality.

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