Hydrogen Separation LOOP Installment by Eco Group Implemented for the First Time

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For the first time, a 100% integrated hydrogen separation LOOP installment has been done at Eco Group.

South of Scotland Enterprise supported the move and provided £330,000 in funding.

“For the first time, a 100% integrated hydrogen separation LOOP installment has been done at Eco Group“

In the upcoming five years, Eco Group will devote themselves to collaborating with customers and partners to install over 60 LOOP1000 components throughout Scotland and the surrounding areas.

Levidian estimates that one LOOP1000 may cut CO2 emissions by around 2,400 tonnes annually.

Chief Executive Officer of Levidian, John Hartley, said that “LOOP will be a powerful tool for industrial decarbonisation and fits in well with Scotland’s green ambitions – we’re looking forward to working with Eco to deploy LOOPs and integrate graphene to help us drive towards net zero.”

According to Levidian, Eco's first LOOP10 unit released hydrogen that will be implemented into future R&D projects. The company will become a graphene distributor, concentrating on how R&D can provide benefits for the aerospace, motorised, 3D printing, textile material, and energy industries.

Eddie Black, Marketing Director of the company, said that “we are delighted to enter into our new partnership with Levidian and deploy this pioneering technology in the south of Scotland.”

“Our partnership has the potential to transform our region and to lead in decarbonisation. This technology will not only create green jobs, it will also demonstrate to industry leaders the opportunities to decarbonise their organisations and sectors while leading the way on innovation, in addition to making positive impacts on net zero aspirations through carbon reduction, new technology deployment and more sustainable materials.”

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