AVS UK Moves to Aylesbury


Westcott Venture Park, Aylesbury is a business park in the South East now home to creator, producer, and tester of intricate and essential equipment for the Big Science and space markets, AVS UK.

AVS UK is a division of the Spanish AVS business with a sizable facility in Ithaca, New York, and various locations across Spain. In recent years it has received funding from multiple channels including a grant from the UK Space Agency, Innovate UK, and investment from AVS Group.

“Westcott Venture Park, Aylesbury is now home to AVS UK.“

AVS is a licenced supplier of apparatus for small satellites, automation, mechatronics, in-orbit offerings, and intricate instrumentation for large scientific amenities.

The new building is currently being built, so in the meantime the company will have a two-year temporary set up at the Westcott Innovation Centre.

The move will facilitate the companies strategic plan to increase the number of personnel twofold in the near future.

The COO for AVS’s UK operations, Emily Dingle, explained that the company has "come to Westcott because of the amount of space it offers, while still being a strategic location for us, with many customers and partners within the Oxford-Cambridge Arc.”

She continued: "The technologies we offer are vital to the European Space Agency (ESA) programme as we look to explore further into our universe."

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