Healthcare Communications Event Proves Industry Potential Doesn't Stop for Recession

Healthcare Communications

The industry event ‘Working In and Around MedComms’ took place last week on November 10th at the Radisson Red in Heathrow.

The majority of the major industry firms were there, presenting highly designed displays and stands, along with smaller companies that were walking throughout the exhibition area.

“‘Working In and Around MedComms’ took place last week on November 10th at the Radisson Red in Heathrow“

Despite the fact that the UK is experiencing a recession, the vast majority of the companies in attendance are actively seeking to fill job vacancies and bring on additions to the workforce. Equally, a steady stream of individuals seeking employment in the sector were also there.

One gathering that happened during the event period was a freelancing forum. The conclusions expert drew from these talks were that there are many different types of medical writers looking to progress or enter into healthcare communications. They now think that terminology used to describe this collection of professionals will change as a result; using "medical writer" less as the sector becomes more divisible into specialised groups. Many businesses now integrate career channels into training programmes, so qualified writers can concentrate on management, scientific knowledge, or strategy for their future career moves.

Exhibitors displayed their graduate training programmes with pride. It's getting antiquated to believe that new recruits can dive right into work immediately and pick things up on the job. This old-fashioned method can cause problems on both sides, jeopardising both individuals' professional futures and the companies standing with clients who interact with graduates unequipped to help them.

By nature, medical communications firms are secretive due to their greatest advantage being people. The industry can be subject to high employee turnover as employees switch employers, primarily to see whether another company can offer them a better deal.

Peter Llewellyn, who established the event, said that “MedComms is booming and offers great careers for anyone with a genuine enthusiasm for science and its application to the world of medicine, and the ability to work independently within a small-team environment.”

“Events like this one at Heathrow can bring a vast amount of experience into one place to provide unparalleled opportunities for job seekers. It’s been a lot of hard work, but I’m confident we’ll have changed some lives today!”

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