Research Shows 75% Increase in Oral Cancer Since 2012


As Mouth Cancer Action Month began this month, the 2022 State of Mouth Cancer UK Report, produced by the Oral Health Foundation, examined a range of factors regarding mouth cancer's causes and risks etc. in the UK.

In the past decade, recorded instances have increased 34%, with a total rise of 103% in the past 20 years.

“research indicates a 75% increase in mouth cancer fatalities since 2012“

Additionally, research indicates a 75% increase in mouth cancer fatalities since 2012. But this may be due to the fact awareness for the condition has hugely increased since then.

88% of people in Britain know what mouth is today, a 65% increase on knowledge from a decade ago. However, the Oral Health Foundation still claim education on this subject is “extremely hard to come by”.

80% of people said they can't remember ever seeing public health messaging for this disease, and just 15% can recall seeing information about it in 2021.

Nearly half of individuals in the UK are unaware that persistent mouth sores may be a first stage symptom of mouth cancer.

The OHF have pushed for improved education and awareness, increased HPV vaccination rates, and cost-free dental exams for people who have the disease.

“The current NHS dental contract arrangements do not allow all patients recovering from mouth cancer to receive free restorative treatment on the NHS.”

“Many of these patients will have complex and expensive restorative needs for life. This issue is made even worse by the fact that generally patients must pay for the privilege of asking their dentist for a potentially life-saving examination to detect the cancer in the first place.”

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