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The NHS has employed a new direct supply route framework which began on April 1st of this year and spans over a 2-year period March 31st, 2024.

However, they have the ability to prolong the system for another 2 years after.

“the NHS has employed a new direct supply route framework“

The Integrated Theatres Solutions, Related Products and Services system enables all functions to operate together efficiently.

Thus, a more enjoyable and effective surgery is achieved for doctors and patients alike, with lighting, audio, and video elements working and operating at the same time.

Furthermore, the new network eliminates the necessity to constantly use separate pieces of equipment, therefore this sophisticated integration is less time consuming.

The tailored technology further enables live operations to be broadcast to other trusts for both watching and teaching functionalities. When used inside a trust, this results in a creative and practical approach.

The NHS's Theaters, Estates, and IT divisions all utilise the framework.

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