AI Enhances Dental Diagnostics


A pioneering diagnostic tool powered by AI called Assistdent has been developed to enhance dental diagnosis.

Currently, X-rays that are used may not be able to identify the subtle symptoms of initial stages of skin conditions, which can make pre-emptive and early phase therapies less likely to be employed.

“A pioneering diagnostic tool powered by AI called Assistdent has been developed“

When a dental practitioner uses Assistdent, the process is easy and takes under 10 seconds. They put the patient X-rays into the programme and it finds even the most basic signs of a problem, which is then checked by a dentist who documents the results. This enables them to suggest preventative therapies.

Dr Ben Atkins, a dentist and former multiple practice owner, said that “assistdent offers the opportunity for the dentist to show patients the results of their radiograph diagnosis and more accurately than ever before, show them the true state of their oral health. It also puts them in a position to evidence and ethically offer them the choice of taking preventative action immediately.”

For any kind of dental fascility, high-end private to the NHS, Atkins suggests the Assistdent will be a huge benefit to cut down on precious diagnostic time.

“Assistdent isn’t the sole preserve of practice principals. But can be adopted by associates, therapists, and hygienists, because it’s such good value, to build their relationship with patients and to augment their income stream.”

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