Student Loses Teeth and Put on 2 Year Wait for £40k Procedure


Dentists were baffled when 35-year-old student Aleksandar Stoilov started losing his teeth.

While Aleksander attempted to visit a dentist, but he was put on a 2-year waiting list; without a dentist's recommendation, he could not turn up to a dental hospital.

“35-year-old student Aleksandar Stoilov started losing his teeth “

In a final attempt to find a solution, he travelled back to Bulgaria, his native country, to see a professional – however they couldn't figure out the problem.

Aleksander is currently limited to eating meals that his wife Patrycja Dwojacka prepares for him in a blender.

Aleksander quickly discovered that he couldn't have the same eating habits as before since even consuming bread would make his teeth break.

Aleksandar explained that he had no clear diagnosis, "they said it could just be stress - or a result of an antibiotic that was used on me as a newborn. When I was a baby it was a common thing to be used, I've been given it.

"I can't afford” the £35k they want “to get them fixed in the UK. They have to extract the roots from the jaw, but they could get infected and if I have them removed and not replaced then I lose some of the jawbone.”

"I don't communicate or socialise with people anymore - not at all. I only talk to my wife and my kids.”

The only solution found is to have the dental procedures done in Bulgaria, where Aleksander has discovered he can have the same job done for $10,000.

His wife Patrycja expressed that "it's a very difficult situation in general because the quality of life and quality of certain things that he can eat is limited”

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