WE Communications Acquire Hopscotch Consulting

Healthcare Communications

Hopscotch Consulting has been purchased by WE Communications (WE), increasing the company’s ability to give advice on making changes to address both social and economic challenges, as well as aspects of reputation and accountability regarding how they operate.

With the acquisition, WE also gain vast knowledge on interacting with young audiences.

“Hopscotch Consulting has been purchased by WE Communications (WE)“

Hopscotch Consulting will now go under the name “Hopscotch, a WE Communications Company”.

One of WE’s MD’s, Ruth Allchurch, said that “The acquisition of Hopscotch comes at an exciting time for WE, already one of the fastest growing agencies in the UK. Hopscotch delivers on WE’s growth strategy” and the “acquisition bolsters our burgeoning Scientific Engagement and Health practice led by Ben Fisher, as well as our growing corporate reputation and brand purpose practice in the UK.”

Co-Founder of Hopscotch, Sam Mercer, commented that “Joining WE will enable Hopscotch to expand the reach of our social impact and brand purpose services globally, working with global education, tech, consumer and health brands. Our shared values and fierce independence businesses make our partnership a natural fit.”

WE has been gaining traction in the UK for a while now, which is only exemplified by the recent decision to purchase Hopscotch. They have experienced double-digit market growth and has quired several technology and healthcare firms.

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