Digital Book Made for World Pharmacists’ Day


A digital book of acknowledgement, which puts a spotlight on the evolving part of pharmacists and their contribution to communities, was created with the help of the AmerisourceBergen family and 27 pharmacists from all around the world.

The book celebrates the 2022 International Federation of Pharmacists World Pharmacists' Day and includes three UK pharmacists.

“A digital book of acknowledgement was created by the AmerisourceBergen family and 27 pharmacists from around the world“

A lot of pharmacists exceed the title of “chemist” and have a more diverse role than before, with many capable of carrying out diagnosis, treatment, and prescription for those who previously might have required a doctor or GP. Others serve as community watchdogs, watching out for high risk patients who might not frequently interact with other medical specialists.

Pharmacists played a key role in helping overburdened healthcare systems over Covid 19, providing immunisation services for chicken pox, the flu, Covid, and holiday vaccines.

“To improve better health outcomes, we need to work better together.”

“We need doors to open and mindsets to change so that all healthcare professionals can work collaboratively.”

“Together, we can achieve the best outcome with our patients and community.”

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