DDU Members Dumped from Dental Register


Following administration issues, members of the Dental Defence Union (DDU) were taken off the General Dental Council (GDC) register for more than 8 weeks. As a result, the DDU has encouraged dental practitioners to be precautious when imbursing the Annual Retention Fee (ARF).

Recently a new payment option was announced meaning people can split the cost over four payment periods, however this complicated the process and causes further organisational and logistical problems. The DDU has outlined the need for the GDC to "simplify and speed up the process" of getting effected individuals back on the register.

“members of the Dental Defence Union (DDU) were taken off the General Dental Council (GDC) register for more than 8 weeks“

John Makin, leader of the DDU, explained that “with patients in some parts of the UK experiencing significant difficulties in accessing dental care, we need as many dental professionals as possible practising. Unfortunately, a small but significant number of members have been unable to treat patients after their registration lapsed due to bank errors or missed correspondence.”

“It’s our responsibility as dental professionals to ensure we keep our contact and bank details up to date. But it’s also vital that the GDC makes the administrative process as simple and speedy.”

According to the GDC, 2.5% (equivalate to over 1000 dentists) failed to recommence their dental registration.

A General Dental Council member clarified that they “communicate extensively with registrants, on up to 15 separate occasions for those approaching the ARF deadline to ensure they are fully aware of the steps they must take.

“Delays can also be caused by other issues, such as not providing the required information or documentation, or if other concerns are raised with us which need to be resolved before a professional can be restored to the register.”

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