Catterick Care Campus Causes Criticism and Controversy


Catterick Integrated Care Campus, due for completion in 2024, aims to enhance healthcare for both civilians and service members. However, critics have pushed back against the move deeming it an “absolute scandal” that the facilities which cost taxpayers £55million will not necessarily be shared with the local community.

Of the 18 NHS dental surgeries on the military base, 17 will be of limited access, with the space reserved for exclusive use by soldiers returning from or getting ready for deployments. This leaves one of the clinics available for the public, however following the NHS dental crisis, the Ministry has been put on blast for refusing to share additional surgeries even when they are operating at a low capacity.

“the facilities which cost taxpayers £55million will not be shared with the local public“

In light of the upcoming recession and rising inflation inciting widespread uncertainty over the cost of living, the NHS is already operating over capacity; hence not utilising space and resources in 17 available military dental clinics has only enhanced individuals’ frustration.

As covered by Zenopa in a previous dental industry news post, one million pregnant patients could not access the free NHS dental care they were entitled to over the pandemic period.

The BDA’s Chief Scientific Advisor, Professor Justin Durham, said that “we need to see real urgency on reform of NHS dentistry so there is better access for all”.

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