CapnoPharm is as Finalist of the prestigious Reuters Pharma Europe Award 2022


CapnoPharm is proud to announce its selection as Finalist of the prestigious Reuters Pharma Europe Award 2022 for its Cancer drug delivery innovation - Capnodrug® - in the Health Entrepreneur Award category. CapnoPharm was shortlisted out of a pool of 800 applicants, including some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, and is eagerly awaiting the awards ceremony in London on 17th November 2022.

Each year, over one million patients worldwide are diagnosed with peritoneal cancer – a condition often consecutive to stomach, bowel or gynecological cancer. For most patients, there is no truly effective therapy. Systemic chemotherapy is less effective than in other indications. There is no chemotherapeutic drug approved for intraperitoneal, drug delivery.

“CapnoPharm awarded as drug delivery platform Capnodrug® reaches finals of Reuters Pharma Europe Award 2022.“

The awarded CapnoDrug® technology is a patented drug delivery platform with several benefits against peritoneal cancer: homogenous distribution of the drug within the abdominal cavity, direct access to the tumor site, sustained drug release and enhanced delivery to the tumor cells. CapnoDrug® can also be used for non-viral and viral gene delivery.

In May 2022, Capnopharm was already an acclaimed winner of the German Innovation Awards in the Medical Technologies Category. Reaching the finals of the Pharma Europe Award 2022 marks the sixth award achievement for CapnoPharm and its sister company Capnomed since 2020.

CapnoPharm is committed to advancing peritoneal cancer care and improving the health and well-being of patients around the world – for the greatest possible quality of life.

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