Medtronic EMG Products May Cause Death and Ventilation Failure

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In an alarming turn of events, Medtronic has had to launch an investigation into its endotracheal tubes after instances of “rare” but “serious adverse events related to certain EMG endotracheal tubes.”

The business stated that they “believe the NIM EMG tubes are safe when used according to the instructions for use.” Urging users to observe instructions closely, but not yet requesting customers to return or exchange the products in question.

“Medtronic has had to launch an investigation into its endotracheal tubes“

According to the safety notification released by Medtronic earlier this year, users should swiftly depress the inflatable cuff before trying to ventilate. In the event that this is unsuccessful, a bag valve mask or laryngeal mask airway should be used to restart ventilation after taking out the endotracheal tube, and alternative EMG devices can be put in place.

Customers were also urged by the business to exercise caution while moving the tube and to deflate the cuff first before doing so. When a tube is being moved, the balloon cuff may expand across the tube aperture and impede the individuals’ airway.

According to studies on medical equipment, silicone-based EMG endotracheal tubes may cause more impediments than alternative products on the market. The FDA claimed to have been given information documenting fatalities and serious side effects caused by these devices following an airway blockage and breathing failure.

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