Norbrook joins NOAH

Animal Health

Norbrook Laboratories, one of the largest family owned veterinary pharmaceutical companies globally, has joined the National Office of Animal Health. It has five manufacturing sites, three of which are in Newry.

Dawn Howard, NOAH chief executive, said: “We are delighted to welcome Norbrook to the association. We look forward to working together on the many issues and opportunities facing our sector at this time, not least on Brexit and in particular on how continuity of supply of animal medicines in both the UK and Ireland will be ensured after the UK leaves the EU, and how we can ensure that innovation in our sector continues to thrive here. We welcome our new members as itis important that we are able to say confidently that we effectively represent the UK animal health industry.”

“Norbrook Laboratories, has joined the National Office of Animal Health. “

General manager of UK commercial operations at Norbrook, Mark Collinson, said: “Our decision to join NOAH is consistent with our strategy to become a world class provider of veterinary medicines and demonstrates our desire to help lead change and shape the best possible environment for our industry in the United Kingdom. We are confident our membership of NOAH will benefit our company, our industry, our customers and most importantly the animals we help to treat.”

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