Supporting mental Health and Wellbeing at Work


The Covid 19 impact has highlighted mental health and wellbeing as a crucial factor in the lives of individuals across industries.

The PERMA model is a tool that provides a helpful foundation for how we might approach the concept of wellbeing. The letters stand for Positive feelings, Engagement in the workplace, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment.

“Individuals and teams can improve their mindset through simple steps“

Individuals and teams can improve their mindset through simple steps like walking in nature, noting a few pints of gratitude in their life, or increase time spent on what makes them happy.

Many individuals will find satisfaction and motivation in identifying their talents and focusing on those more often. Additionally, it's crucial to foster relationships both in professional and personal environments to combat feelings of isolation. Individuals in your team may also benefit from transitioning personal values into the workplace, hence increasing their sense of meaning.

Another tip is to engage in acts of kindness at work. This goes beyond a personal sense of philanthropy but extends to how other team members feel bout themselves and the support they receive from those around them.

Other factors to consider include maintaining a balanced diet, frequent exercise and sleep levels.

Monitoring the health of your team members is crucial; a culture of transparency and support at work and frequent one on one updates are essential for team leaders.

Speak with your coworker in a private setting if you see any indications that they are struggling with their mental health. Inquire as to whether you can help relieve some of their workload and encourage them to ask for assistance.

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