Inizio Medical has launched a purpose-built portfolio

Healthcare Communications

Inizio Medical has launched a purpose-built portfolio of world-leading specialised services and agencies. Comprised of three global medical communications agency groups, Ashfield MedComms, ApotheCom and Nucleus Global, that will be underpinned by Specialised Services companies MedEvoke and MEDiSTRAVA, the agency will continue to operate independently under the umbrella of Inizio Medical, providing a unique mixture of know-how and capabilities never seen before in the life sciences industry.

With 29 locations scattered across 13 different countries and more than 2,000 professionals, including 700 PhDs, Inizio Medical has a strong global presence. These experts provide in-depth scientific knowledge in all treatment fields. The team can offer comprehensive medical services throughout the product lifecycle integrated with strong medical analytics capabilities, applied AI techniques, and multi-dimensional insights. With the ultimate goal of developing compelling content and enticing communities throughout the spectrum of healthcare, Inizio Medical now has this mix of strategy and communications skills.

“Inizio Medical has launched a purpose-built portfolio.“

Global President, Inizio Medical, Elaine Ferguson, stated: “We have such an exciting opportunity. We are united by a vision to not only lead but redefine the role of Medical in drug development and commercialization. By bringing together our two-thousand plus experts, we can leverage their collective force and reimagine what we can do for our clients. Our clients are operating in far more complex therapeutic areas and the evidence burden of bringing a new medicine to market has increased. Now, as Inizio Medical we have the potential to build stronger relationships, pioneer new ways of partnership and mobilize the full capacity of our resources to put our power behind and overcome the biggest challenges our industry faces.”

Global Chief Executive Officer, Inizio Medical, Dan Bridges, stated: “This really will set a new standard in the industry, and I am sure both our clients and our teams can’t wait to benefit from the broad skill sets and innovations that we have across Inizio Medical and the wider Inizio organization. We have already seen amazing collaboration between the groups even as this new company has come together. This provides absolute confidence that we will keep intact the leadership and cultures that make all our agency groups leaders in their field, whilst also providing an exciting, enhanced proposition to our clients and teams alike.”

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