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A strategic partnership has been formed between Pagefield and Hanway Associates to create a consultancy specialising in enterprise in medicinal cannabis and CBD products. Their new partnership hopes to utilise their extensive industry experience to offer clients services to help build their business, including public affairs, regulatory assistance, business consultancy, management and acquisition support, and general communications assistance.

In recent years, the medicinal value in both popular culture and in the medical reseach has seen the use of cannabinoid products derived from the marijuana plant in the management of conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, epilepsy, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite and weight loss in chronic health conditions, and even multiple sclerosis. Although regular use of such products in a clinical setting in the UK still seems to be quite a way off, and the cannabis sector is heavily regulated, the Pagefield and Hanway partnership have experience working with Grow Group and Sana Life Science, two existing medicinal cannabis businesses. They have also collaborated as a joint project between the subsidiary component of Hanway Associates, The Hanway Company, alongside Clerkenwell Health, to create the UK’s first commercial research facility for running psychedelic drug trials which will open this Summer. Cannabis Europa conference, taking place in London from June 28-29, 2022, have also brought Pagefield in to support the PR for the event with speakers from the United States, Germany, Brussels, Switzerland, Israel, South Africa, among many other places. The conference brings together leaders in the sector, ranging from those involved in research, development, enterprise and to education and advocacy, with the hope of laying down the foundation for Europe becoming global leaders in the fast-growing cannabis sector.

“New partnership for providing PR.“

Pagefield and Hanway Associates have, to date, worked to question barriers to the use of cannabis and psychedelic drugs in generating new treatments, establish current regulatory attitudes in the UK and in Europe, and develop opportunities for research and discovery. This comes off the back of sector research, highlighting the significant investments coming from the UK in the cannabis sector, with data from Crunchbase generated in 2021 showed that the British Isles represented 52.9% of European investment in cannabis enterprise.

“The cannabis sector is one we have been tracking for a while and we see huge opportunity within it, not just for Pagefield but also for UK PLC. While the high-profile campaigns to secure medicines for children like Billy Caldwell cut through into the national consciousness in the last couple of years, in the background the sector has been growing exponentially with the UK becoming the cannabis funding capital of Europe.” - Oliver Foster, Pagefield CEO.

Pagefield’s specialisation in PR and public affairs consultancy, combined with the strong advisory capacity around business strategics, sector research, and management and acquisition, specifically within the cannabis sector, makes for a comprehensive partnership in driving forward the emerging sector of cannabis research within Europe. With growing interest and investment, shifts in the cannabis business setting such as this new partnership, and larger scale discussions around experts and advocates, means steps are being taken towards exploring the use of these drugs in meeting the unmet needs of many conditions suffered by people across the UK.

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