Virtual Farm – Livestock Data App Breedr allows Farmers to Keep Track of their Flocks and Herds on one Virtual

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Breedr, a new app developed to help farmers of sheep and cattle record their livestock data in one, virtual space hopes to streamline large-scale farming processes and monitor a greater number of animals at once. The app includes functions such as recording animal weights at weigh-in and health assessments, making the laborious process of weighing livestock for health assessment, livestock records and transport purposes. The app also has a function to help farmers record medicine usage by providing a QR code scanning function to streamline the monitoring requirements that farmers face in logging the interventions and pharmacological agents used on their livestock. The app was developed in part by Pembrokeshire farmer, Steve Prentice, who stressed the importance of creating a platform that takes into account the differences in sheep and cattle-farming practices, as well as pedigree versus commercial farming, and the need for technological developments that facilitate the different needs of farmers with different specialty farming practices.

“There are a lot of software programmes for managing cattle, but there are differences in how sheep farmers think and work.

“Virtual Farm – Livestock Data App Breedr allows Farmers to Keep Track of their Flocks and Herds on one Virtual Platform“

“There are also differences in requirements for pedigree flocks where everything is recorded, and the more commercial flocks where individual genetics are less important, but overall lambing performance and weight gain are key. Breedr can look at both.”

It also has a platform for livestock trading between farmers, and generates performance reports that can inform next steps and keep the business on the right track. Up to 4000 UK-based farmers are already on the app, and it is estimated that the use of Breedr can save farmers

The free version includes these functions designed for sheep-farmers, but by subscribing to the pro-version, mixed livestock farmers can incorporate data on both their sheep and cattle in one place. The pro version also offers detailed maps of their farms, showing where different livestock are being housed or grazing, in a totally customisable format. Breedr also generates informative reports on the industry and other farmers using Breedr to provide benchmark values that farmers can work towards, while also providing individualised advice on how to improve yield and productivity according to their livestock and farming data.

Farmers already using Breedr have reported improved team efficiency on their farms, increased meat output and greater financial returns, and has been shown to reduce their impact on the environment by reducing their carbon footprint by an estimated 28%. The team have developed the app with the hope of empowering farmers to run environmentally and commercially sustainable farms in a fast-changing market, and do so in an environmentally conscious way.

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