Astorg to acquire OPEN Health from Amulet Capital Partners

Healthcare Communications

The acquisition of global science and healthcare communications and services company, OPEN Health by Astorg, who are taking over from their current investors, Amulet Capital Partners, LP, a Greenwich-based private equity investment firm focused on the healthcare and medical sector, and working primarily at middle-market level.

CEO Rob Barker, alongside the current management team, will continue to lead growth and innovation under Astorg’s new direction, building on existing services and expanding to provide new services to the meet the ever-changing needs within the medical research and development sector. New investment comes from Astorg, a European private equity firm which works with top-tier management teams in globally renowned businesses to invest in companies they see great potential in the current market. Drawing from their extensive industry expertise, they provide guidance on business strategy, governance, and financial support, with the aim of building on existing successes.

“Astorg to acquire OPEN Health from Amulet Capital Partners“

OPEN Health was founded in 2011 in London, UK, and works to collaborate with pharmaceutical companies in providing medical communications and market access services. With over 1000 employees across 6 different countries, including North America, Europe, and Asia, OPEN Health provides professional support using their experience in scientific communications within the pharmaceutical sector to assist in delivering the latest innovations from customers in areas spanning life sciences and pharmaceutical research.

Astorg Partner and Head of Healthcare, Judith Charpentier has said, “OPEN Health is a very impressive company. We have been following the development of the medical affairs space for a long time as the function evolved from a supportive to a central role and identified OPEN Health as a global leader in the making. We have been impressed with its outstanding reputation and the trust it benefits from its customer base.”.

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