Ceva launches oral rehydration therapy online CPD training for RAMA/SQPs

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Ceva Animal Health has launched an oral rehydration therapy (ORT) online CPD training module to update RAMA/SQPs on the impact of scour and the importance of supporting scouring animals with ORT.

Entitled ‘Oral Rehydration Therapy – why, what, how’, the free, 30-minute online module, which counts for four AMTRA accredited CPD points, is presented by veterinary surgeon Kythé Mackenzie BVSc MRCVS.

“Ceva launches oral rehydration therapy online CPD training for RAMA/SQPs.“

Created by Ceva, manufacturer of the popular oral rehydration therapy gel, Rehydion, the module covers the incidence and impact of scour, the management and support of scouring in calves, what an ORT needs to deliver, the significance of ORT timing and the key elements to consider when selecting an ORT. The online presentation also features the importance of continuing to feed milk to scoured animals to provide the necessary energy for maintenance, growth and repair while animals are recovering from scour.

Available on the VBMS Training Portal, RAMA/SQPs can enrol on the ‘Oral Rehydration Therapy – why, what, how’ CPD module by visiting https://sqptraining.vbms-training.co.uk/.

“Ceva is committed to supporting animal health professionals, including vets and RAMA/SQPs, with quality CPD and we believe that our new CPD module on oral rehydration therapy will be a useful tool to help ensure that they can knowledgeably talk to their farming clients and customers about scour and the important role of ORT in managing the condition,” comments Gill Ainge, ruminant marketing manager at Ceva Animal Health.

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