The IC24 system is going through its final assurance stage


The IC24 system, the first hospital trust electronic prescriptions service system, is going through its final assurance stage. Associate chief clinical information officer, Ann Slee, said that the system should be approved in early June 2022.

The first type, according to NHS Digital, is an IT development stage, where test cases are chosen to try out the initial iteration of new capabilities.

“The IC24 system is going through its final assurance stage.“

Three England-based hospital trusts piloted the EPS in 2020, which will enable outpatient prescriptions to be electronically sent to patients’ designated community pharmacies using a TPP computer system to support COVID-19 outpatients.

NHS Digital’s website highlights that the EPS used in secondary care will differ from that used in primary care, with many functions unavailable. In addition, the website outlines that every hospital trust will need to use the dictionary of devices and medicines and product-based prescribing before implementing EPS.

Sle stated: “Our first of type system supplier IC24 came out of testing yesterday and they are now going through the final part of assurance to get their clinical safety side, which we’re hoping will be completed within the first week of June. So that provides a system for secondary care to use within the outpatient setting. There are a number of other [suppliers] in development and engaging with us but there are also some that haven’t put it on their roadmap yet. Whilst we got it working, it wasn’t scalable. We need a modern and flexible service if we are going to move forward. We have to have simplified messaging and we need to be able to enhance and develop a system very quickly.”

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