Hill’s Pet Nutrition's free webinar about workplace burnout

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Hill’s Pet Nutrition hosted an event on 4th May with The Mindful Vet Stephanie Sorrell, to deliver advice to managers to use with their teams.

The free webinar tackled burnout in veterinary workplaces. Spikes in pandemic pets, altering protocols and staff shortages caused stress and longer hours for many veterinary professionals, and the online talk has the goal to provide advice for managers.

“Hill’s Pet Nutrition hosted an event on 4th May with The Mindful Vet Stephanie Sorrell.“

Director of The Mindful Vet, Stephanie Sorrell, will be the keynote speaker and provide tips and insights on supporting staff and promoting well-being and lessening the stigma related to mental health in the workplace.

Hill’s veterinary affairs manager, Republic of Ireland and UK, Hillary Noyes, stated: “Following an unprecedented 2 years, the veterinary profession is still hugely affected by the pandemic, with long working hours and limited staff leading to burnout and increased stress for many. Hill’s is dedicated to supporting our colleagues across the industry, offering accessible resources to vets, nurses and students alike. We hope this webinar will raise awareness of this prevalent issue, highlight the importance of burnout awareness and produce valuable insights into recognising the early signs so that practices are equipped to tackle the crisis.”

To register and view the webinar, visit: http://bit.ly/themindfulvet

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