Dolomite Bio to exhibit plant protoplast RNA-sequencing application at AGBT Agricultural meeting 2022


Dolomite Bio will be exhibiting at the AGBT Agricultural meeting on the 4th-6th April 2022.

The potential for single-cell RNA-Sequencing methods in the study of plants is significant, which is why Dolomite Bio developed a custom workflow specifically tailored to the needs of single-cell research on plant cells. The plant protoplast RNA-Seq (ppRNA-Seq) method on Dolomite Bio’s Nadia Instrument generates high quality transcriptomic data from both large and small plant leaf and root protoplasts. The protocol is tailored to work with specialized leaf protoplast buffers to ensure plant protoplast integrity. This is accompanied by the specific benefits created by the flexibility of the Nadia Instrument, as unlike most commercial single cell platforms, Nadia can process cells up to 60 µm in diameter.

“Dolomite Bio to exhibit plant protoplast RNA-sequencing application at AGBT Agricultural meeting 2022.“

Nadia takes scRNA-Seq to the next level by using automation and flexibility to generate high quality reproducible single cell data. Encapsulate up to eight samples, in parallel, in under 20 mins, with over 50,000 single cells captured per cartridge in a run. Adding the Nadia Innovate to the Nadia Instrument transforms it into an open system, for the development of novel protocols and applications.

Attendees of the AGBT Agricultural meeting will be able to discuss the exciting possibilities of ppRNA-Seq with Dolomite Bio’s Single Cell Specialist, Alita Zabrecky. As well as have the chance to see the Nadia platform for themselves. Visitors to booth 100 can also expect some exciting giveaways and games to keep them entertained between talks!

Alita Zabrecky said: “I am looking forward to joining this inaugural AGBT Agricultural event and to discuss how our plant single cell application can advance your research!”

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