Successful Phase 1 Trial Result for Cancer Research UK and Teon Therapeutics


Positive developments have been made as Cancer Research UK and Teon Therapeutics have a successful start to their 2-part trial for oral drug TT-702. The participant received a dose of the adenosine receptor antagonist designed to treat diseases in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and get into other tissues.

The initial round of participants will be given escalating amounts of TT-702 to determine the drug's safety and effects and discover the largest quantity that can be administered to patients without adversity.

“Successful Phase 1 Trial Result for Cancer Research UK and Teon Therapeutics.“

One partaker in the trial has successfully finished the initial round of therapy, the following patient will be given a larger dose of TT-702. After that, participants will be given TT-702 in conjunction with PD-1 (which regulates the immune system) to see if the medicine enhances the treatment outcomes.

Professor De Bono explained that “The drug works by fighting cancer’s ‘cloaking’ strategy and exposing it to the immune system so it can be destroyed. We will be testing TT-702 in several different cancer types to determine the best dose that can safely be given to patients.”

Chief Executive Officer of Teon, Serge Messerlian, expressed how “As a daily, oral A2B antagonist treatment, TT-702 is unique and … [has] the potential to greatly improve oncology care.”

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