Miiskin Expands Efforts into Research of Skin Conditions


Miiskin has grown to over 700,000 users after releasing its successful consumer app. They have now included a number of sophisticated features and digital ‘dermatology at a distance’ programme which is free for scientific investigation into various skin conditions.

Miiskin PRO allows for the safe exchange of patient data and high-quality photographs of skin problems, among other helpful features.

“Miiskin Expands Efforts into Research of Skin Conditions.“

Founder and CEO of Miiskin, Jon Friis, said that “Our teledermatology platform has led to interest in the use of the technology for academic researchers and clinicians to digitally connect with their research subjects. The platform can be used for dermatology research that requires digital skin tracking and high-quality, self-captured skin images from patients who are taking part in research projects.”

Head of Partnerships at the British Skin Foundation, Phil Brady, explained that “Research has a crucial role in advancements in healthcare and the future of dermatology delivery. Visual aspects and the evolving nature of skin conditions are important evidence factors for skin care research - and advances in digital healthcare are bringing new ways for researchers to capture self-reported detail and images.”

Miiskin has worked alongside British Skin Foundation since 2017 to campaign for the cruciality of frequently checking your skin so that individuals can seek help from a GP or skin expert, potentially catching skin cancer warning signs. They are now also expanding efforts into research into skin cancer and other serious skin problems.

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