Collected Group has a New Take on Communication with Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Communications

Emily Harrison and Mohammed Saleh Bham, two young entrepreneurs in the healthcare communication industry, have started Collected Group to assist biopharma and diagnostic firms in communicating with healthcare professionals using more enduring and unique methods.

Collected Group is made up of two separate entities: Science Collected and Health Collected. The former focuses on long-term, officially recognized medical education, where the latter uses “an omniverse communication approach” to inform individuals about illness and treatment.

“Collected Group has a New Take on Communication with Healthcare Professionals. “

The result of the Covid 19 pandemic period is virtual engagement fatigue- where consumers are no longer interested in brand engagement marketing so do not interact with it. A new technique is needed to slice through the mass competition and deliver interesting and immersive experiences to make healthcare workers notice. This is what Collected Group aims to do.

Head of Science Collected, Emily Harrison, explained that she has “always been passionate about improving people health by using my expertise to maximise creativity, drive digital advancement and turn science into evocative content for engagements with healthcare professionals. I’m also very excited about using microlearning methods to make these engagements memorable and enduring”

Head of Health Collected, Saleh Bham expressed that “Getting interest from overwhelmed healthcare professionals is invaluable. We want to disrupt and ignite the way engagements are delivered and have unearthed a fresh way to do this. Our omniverse communication approach to engagements provides experiences which are undemanding yet captivating and empower the end user”.

The fledgling company has promised to contribute to improving the environment through planting 100 trees per operation, and is keen to show their commitment to social responsibility by sharing engagement knowledge with healthcare charities.

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