Mainz Biomed Partners with Laboratory Mönchengladbach to Commercialize ColoAlert


Mainz Biomed is a company that tests a patient's DNA or RNA for signs of potential future diseases, particularly focusing on identifying cancer in its initial stages. It has recently been made public that they have made an agreement with German company Laboratory Mönchengladbach to get their colorectal cancer identification product (ColoAlert) to market.

Laboratory Mönchengladbach employs over 500 people and provides services for an excess of 2,500 medical specialists. They receive and analyse more than 5,000,000 samples yearly and screen 1,000 people for colorectal cancer each week.

“Mainz Biomed partners with Laboratory Mönchengladbach to take ColoAlert to market. “

Guido Baechler, CEO of Mainz Biomed, said that the partnership allows them to “quickly and effectively expand our national footprint and enable larger populations to benefit from highly efficient and reliable CRC testing. We are ideally positioned to further scale operations across Europe and will continue to pursue and engage in beneficial partnerships with the leading diagnostics labs in each jurisdiction being targeted.”

Managing Director at Laboratory Mönchengladbach, Dr. Dietmar Dreßen, explained that “we’ve been highly impressed by the efficacy of the ColoAlert test. We’re thrilled to be able to make it available to patients via their physicians across the region and catch more cases of this deadly disease in its earliest stages where it can be successfully treated.”

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