UK Makes Legal Changes Regarding International Dental Qualifications


The UK administration is changing the rules regarding external dental qualifications. There has been a push for reassessment of the regulation because the EU credentials recognition system is closing, and the ORE (Overseas Registration Exam) is exceeding their capacity.

The excessive time it’s taking to make the change is causing the British Dental Association to be "overwhelmed by messages" from applicants expressing rage, upset, and even suicide thoughts.

“The UK administration is changing the rules regarding external dental qualifications“

Over 130 applicants who had succeeded in part one of their ORE were told by the GDC that they would not be able to sit the second half of the qualification. This was because the Covid period had disrupted the exams, extending the time between the first and second sections, therefore individuals went over the maximum 5-year time allowance in which they must complete both exams.

It has been announced that no new regulations will not affect existing applicants, according to the GDC.

Eddie Crouch, the chair of the British Dental Association explained that “every new colleague unable to sit this exam translates into thousands of patients denied access to needed care. We warned of the risks since the outset of the pandemic yet ministers and our regulator failed to grasp the nettle. Inaction has left highly skilled clinicians waiting tables and stacking shelves while millions struggle to get an NHS appointment. For the sake of our patients, the government must ensure that these dentists are supported. Those still waiting to sit the exams can look forward to a fairer system.”

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