No More Compulsory Covid 19 Jabs for NHS Workers


Soon, the requirement to have received both Covid 19 vaccinations as a healthcare or social worker will be dropped. Although, the importance of vaccinations has still been impressed upon staff, with emphasis on their “professional duty” to protect themselves and others.

At the end of last month, the Department of Health and Social Care explained that “when vaccination as a condition of deployment was introduced, Delta was the dominant variant representing 99% of cases. Omicron has now replaced Delta as the dominant variant at 96% of cases.”

“the requirement to have received both Covid 19 vaccinations as a healthcare or social worker will be dropped“

There was a huge push for NHS workers in the UK to be vaccinated back in September, with over 31 million booster doses being delivered and close to 130,000 having had an initial dose.

On the 31st of January, a letter produced by the NHS brought attention to the change whereby companies do not need to provide notice of termination to workers who had not received both Covid 19 jabs.

Claire Anderson, Royal Pharmaceutical Society president, said that while the RPS had “always encouraged” staff to be safe and get vaccinated, making them compulsory is not a notion they stand by. “This is a divisive issue and has put some staff in a difficult position. This reversal may come as little comfort for those already affected by this policy.”

VP of the Guild of Heath care Pharmacists, Ewan Maule, explained how “The vaccination programme has offered all relevant staff ample opportunity to have their vaccine. The threat of dismissal or redeployment of these staff” results in “enormous and unacceptable pressure.”

A member of the General Pharmaceutical Council commented that “Following the UK government’s decision not to proceed with requiring vaccination as a condition of deployment for health and care staff providing CQC-regulated activities in England, the GPhC will continue to underline the case for taking up COVID-19 vaccination in all pharmacy settings.”

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