Dental Professionals Set to be Paid 33% More for Additional Hours


The UK administration has ploughed another £50 million into reducing NHS pileup as a result of the pandemic. This aims to create an additional 350 thousand dentist appointments across England. Even so, the BDA has cautioned that a large number of clinics do not possess the ability to expand upon their existing capacity.

It has been said that dental professionals will receive a pay rise of over 33% to provide services beyond their expected hours. This includes over the weekend, as well as earlier in the morning and later in the evening.

“The UK administration invests £50 million into reducing NHS pileup after the pandemic“

The first wave of availability will be for children, those with mental health issues, education-related disabilities, or autism. Approximately 38 million dental appointments were lost during the Covid 19 period, with the £50 million investment set to help reduce this number.

Chief Dental Officer, Sara Hurley, explained that over "600 urgent dental health hubs were ramped up to deliver urgent care for patients and the NHS is now getting key services like dentistry back to pre-pandemic levels - injecting an extra £50 million into routine services will help provide check-ups and treatment for hundreds and thousands of people."

A member of the BDA, Shawn Charlwood claimed that "Many [practices] will struggle to find capacity ahead of April for this investment to make a difference. Until today not a penny of the government's multi-billion-pound catch-up programme had reached dentistry. This is progress but must be just the start if we are to rebuild a service millions depend on."

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