Dolomite Bio announce launch of cost-effective Bioinformatics service with brand new RNAdia kit


Following the recent launch of Dolomite Bio’s RNAdia kit for single cell research. Dolomite Bio is now launching a Bioinformatics Service, which can be purchased alongside the kit as simply as if you were buying reagents. With upfront costs, allowing for easy forecasting, cost-effective and hassle-free single cell RNA-Sequencing.

Data analysis is an essential part of single cell research, but it isn’t always possible to have bioinformatic capabilities in house. Researchers face obstacles such as having too little data to justify the cost of having their own bioinformatician or training an existing team member. Alternatively, the volume of data could be too high on the existing internal bioinformatic resource. Unlike most data analysis services, Dolomite Bio will accept sample sizes ranging from as little as one sample, to as many as your research project requires.

“Dolomite Bio is now launching a Bioinformatics Service, which can be purchased alongside the kit as simply as if you were buying reagents“

The specialised skills required for data analysis coding, especially for complex projects is a headache most researchers will be familiar with. Dolomite Bio’s new bioinformatics service delivers fast and reliable data analysis in partnership with you. When purchasing data analysis services alongside the RNAdia kit, researchers will have access to dedicated support from one of Dolomite Bio’s experienced Bioinformaticians, ready to answer all their queries and needs, as well as producing your data in the most optimized way possible.

With RNAdia on the Nadia platform, researchers can take scRNA-Seq to the next level. The Nadia platform uses automation and flexibility to generate high quality reproducible single cell data, alongside the high quality, low cost, complete solution from cells to data with the RNAdia kit and bioinformatic service.

When asked, Xuan Nguyen, Bioinformatics Leader for Dolomite Bio commented: ‘Many customers have expressed to us that they needed bioinformatics help. And our new service will help them through the resource-extensive and difficult pre-processing process. Coupling with the RNAdia reagent kit, Dolomite Bio’s service now becomes end-to-end. We provide you with the machine, the reagent kit, and even bioinformatics!’

This is part of Dolomite Bio’s continued efforts to democratize science, creating a cost-effective, hassle-free solution, built with researcher’s needs in mind.

About Dolomite Bio

Established in 2016, Dolomite Bio creates innovative products for high throughput single cell research. By encapsulating single cells in microfluidic droplets, its products enable rapid analysis of thousands or millions of individual cells and their biological products.

Dolomite Bio’s products include the Nadia Product Family, enabling research in many application areas, such as single cell RNA-Seq, single nuclei RNA-Seq, plant protoplast RNA-Seq and the encapsulation of cells in agarose.

Dolomite Bio is a brand of Blacktrace Holdings Ltd (est. 2001), a world leader in Productizing Science®. Its Head Office is in Royston (near Cambridge), UK with regional offices in the USA, Japan and Vietnam.

To learn more about Dolomite Bio, please visit

Notes to editors:

The RNAdia kit Bioinformatic service will be available from February 17th 2022

To find out more about Dolomite Bio’s new bioinformatics service please click here.

For further information please contact:

Antonia Bernardin

Dolomite Bio

+44 (0)1763 252 149

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