New Breath-Sensor Devise Detects Covid 19 in 30 Seconds

Medical Devices

Phillips-Medisize is working with SOTECH Health to create a breath-sensor device that identifies Covid 19 in under 30 seconds.

The collaboration has enabled both companies to expedite the device’s design and manufacturing process. Every prototype of the breath-sensor has been developed with an emphasis on quality and ongoing advancement, creating a product that can be successfully mass produced.

“he collaboration has enabled both companies to expedite the device’s design and manufacturing process“

Phillips-Medisize is preparing its worldwide manufacturing services to meet the high predicted demand.

Senior Vice President at Molex, Paul Chaffin, expressed that SOTECH Health is on a “transformative mission to enable fast and accurate health checks, which are crucial to regaining normalcy in everyday lives. Our long history of working with companies at every stage of their product lifecycle has proven critical in helping SOTECH Health optimise and finalise functional product prototypes while preparing for a rapid manufacturing ramp upon regulatory approval.”

CEO of SOTECH Health, Craig Micklich, explained: “Our innovative breath analyser will change the game in COVID-19 detection by quickly and accurately screening people in densely populated settings, such as airports, businesses, cruise lines, schools and stadiums. Through our collaboration with Phillips-Medisize, we have engineered a solution capable of screening for COVID-19 infection status as fast as it takes someone to walk through a metal detector at an airport or sports stadium. Phillips-Medisize is perfectly positioned to support SOTECH Health’s global go-to-market strategies while empowering our efforts to screen for other critical respiratory diseases and conditions in the future, including the flu and pneumonia.”

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