Lucid Group’s Graduate Programme

Healthcare Communications

Lucid Group’s graduate programme, which started back in 2017, consists of internal training that lasts eight weeks, with subsequent teamworking scenarios that establish both understanding and practical application necessary to thrive as a medical writer. The programme lasts 12 months.

A previous partaker in the programme, William Laudrum, shared his thoughts: “With such a well-established graduate programme I felt confident that becoming a graduate medical writer at Lucid Group would be a great career opportunity. What appealed to me from the job advert was the year-long on-the-job training in medical writing and being able to work on a variety of projects across a diverse range of therapy areas – and learn from some of the most talented people in the industry.”

“Lucid Group’s graduate programme involves internal training and teamworking scenarios “

Another graduate medical writer, Armita Abolghasemi, expressed that “For me, something that set Lucid aside was the Futures Academy; the graduate scheme is a fantastic way of introducing wannabe medical writers into the world of healthcare communications and allowing us to gain experience in all the different areas.”

Director of Business Development and Commercial Integration, Clare Reynolds, said that the experience is “a highly effective way of bringing exceptionally talented people into our organisation and enabling them to rapidly assimilate the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to bring real value to the team.”

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