Molnupiravir “Well Tolerated” by Covid 19 Patients in England


In the month after the release of the drug, almost five and a half thousand boxes of molnupiravir were distributed throughout England. The oral medication is used to medicate patients with Covid 19.

Molnupiravir minimised the chance of hospitalisation or mortality in high-risk patients with non-severe Covid 19 by 30%.

“almost five and a half thousand boxes of molnupiravir were distributed throughout England“

According to a member of Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust, the medication proved to be "well-tolerated."

Stephen Hughes went on to explain that there are significant uncertainties around the treatment: “The risk of foetal toxicity in women who may or are planning to become pregnant is an ongoing concern and requires additional scrutiny and screening. Organising a timely supply has been a challenge, particularly as a patient may not be always isolating at a home address; however, these logistical issues have all but been overcome with the developing CMDU services.”

Molnupiravir is also being made available to patients nationwide using PANORAMIC (Platform adaptive trial of novel antivirals for early treatment of Covid 19 in the community). This has enabled over four and a half thousand volunteers to take part in less than two months. But the health secretary has cautioned it is important to continue the momentum with more than six thousand additional people to sign up “The vaccines are critical as a first line of defence, but antivirals form a vital part of our approach as we learn to live with COVID by preventing the most vulnerable from being hospitalised,”

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