New ‘Device for Dignity’ Set to Improve the Lives of Stoma Bag Wearers

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Anne Inch has created a device that traps any leaks from stoma bags, pulling them away from the patients’ skin and giving individuals the ability to switch bags discretely. Thousands of people are expected to reap the rewards of the product's cost reduction, which has been achieved through partnering with Heriot-Watt University to have the product put on prescription.

For those who have a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy, the 2mm thick Confiplus device sits on the outside of the stoma bag; if there is any discharge, the porous material absorbs it into the foam. The design is soft, discreet, traps odours and can contain half a pint of fluid which means the wearer can switch out their bag in advance of leaks affecting their clothes.

“Anne Inch has created a device that traps any leaks from stoma bags“

Anne explained that the product is “a device for dignity so individuals like [my husband] and I, regardless of age or the reason for wearing a bag, can live ordinary lives with greater confidence. Because ConfiPlus is so absorbent, the user has time to change, even if their bag does leak as the waste is absorbed by ConfiPlus.”

Before Confiplus was introduced to the market, Anne convinced a comrade of hers, Lisa Crombie, to partner with her in establishing Confidence Plus Ltd.

Lisa Crombie explained that “current accessories try to stop leaks happening in the first place with sticky dressings. People do not know they have leaked until it is too late, and skin irritation occurs quickly. We want to bring the device to everyone who needs it by making it available on prescription and in care homes but, for a small company like ours, it is difficult to have the device adopted by the NHS.”

“The support provided by MDMC is invaluable, helping us to navigate the challenges of bringing this product to the wider public far more quickly. The MDMC team at Heriot-Watt University is helping us with access to specialist advice.”

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